Founder & Chairman

Founder & Chairman Message


I always dreamt of creating a mechanism by which healthcare services in my State could match the benchmark of international standards and get within the reach of every individual in a cost effective manner.

With my tremendous efforts, hard work and dedication over Decades, I Established Shri Sai Hospital and Shri Sai Hospital (Heart Unit) to serve the people of Bihar with best possible personalized Medical services and since years now, we have been continuously rendering our Medical services and have touched many lives and healed it. With a intention to create skillful and technically- trained youth force of Bihar, I have established Shri Sai College of Nursing & Paramedical where we offer 4 years Under Graduate B.Sc Nursing Course to impart quality nursing and healthcare education. The nursing profession is a noble profession and requires dealing with different types of patients regularly.

The most essential skill or quality a nurse should possess is to have patience. With my Experience of serving Heathcare Sector over 38 years, I wish to develop some most essential qualities in Nursing students so that they inculcate dedication to work with doctors, patients and other hospital administration and develop excellent communication skills as a nurse should be able to communicate well both in medical jargon and in laymen’s terms. Apart from these, strong organizational and management skills will also be imparted to our Nursing Students to ensure their overall professional development .B.Sc nursing is a under graduate-level course in Nursing and covers all the important aspects of nursing. I wish the students the best of future endeavors.

Dr Akhilesh kr. singh

Founder & Chairman